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Repujazz is a company that develops next generation video games for the modern gamer.

July 05, 2013

Note: This is an article concerning a fictional company for demonstration purposes only. Any information resembling any real company or situation is purely coincidental.

Repujazz is a company that develops next generation video games for the modern gamer. They are able to appeal to what the modern gamer wants while also pushing the boundaries to discover the things they do not know that they want. This means expanding beyond what is traditionally effective in gaming and trying to figure out what the next big trends are.

Repujazz was created when a number of creative professionals left their previous jobs at gaming companies in order to establish this business together. They felt constrained and unappreciated at their previous developers and sought to create a video game development business that would put the wants of gamers first and foremost. They do this by maintaining a dialogue with industry professionals, publications, and with gamers generally. This is not as simple or easy as it sounds, but it has paid off in the form of commercial success and industry plaudits.

The staff at Repujazz is crucial to the success of the company as a whole. They could not have created such exciting titles as Stealth Superhero, Hello World!, and Space Marines: Into the Void. Each of these titles were commercially successful, award winning, and widely appreciated amongst the video gaming community for their innovation and design. With other three hundred employees working between their Dublin headquarters in Ireland and their additional office in Los Angeles, Repujazz knows that their staff is what ensures quality.